Lost Broadcast

Limited edition vinyl record label

New video clip

Travis just uploaded a snippet from one of the songs from next week’s release.

Here’s a shot of the full packaging including some of the original drawings that will be randomly inserted in to 20 of the records. Head on over to the Facebook page to see more photos.

A pre-sale link should be available tomorrow.

More artwork


And here’s a shot of some of the artwork that recently came in. The ghost sticker will be included with each of the 300 records. We’ve also included a sample of one of the exclusive original drawings from Travis that will be randomly inserted in 20 records. 


Occumm Pucky is a collection of songs from the archive recorded in basements and bedrooms around Lawrence Kansas, 1997-1998. All songs on Occumm Pucky were written, performed, and recorded by Travis Millard, with the exception of a few friends playing drums and other listed contributions. The recordings were made on a “Yamaha MT4X” 4-track machine and various other analog tape recorders.

"Occumm Pucky" is a term I’m pretty sure my grandfather invented to encompass all things on the outskirts of importance. Thanks to Lost Broadcast Records for reaching out to unearth these relics and give them some light.

- Travis Millard

July, 2013

The test presses arrived a few weeks ago and they sound amazing. Can’t wait for you all to hear this when it comes out in two weeks.

In the summer of 1998 I was moving into a new apartment occupied by four girls in Lawrence, KS. The apartment was an old split level like most of the houses on Tennessee Street. One day as I was coming home from work my roommates and a group of people were hanging out on the porch. The kid who lived in the lower level was making his way out the door with an acoustic guitar in an old chipboard case. He stopped for a second to chat and said he was on his way to band practice. Suddenly my friend Tom said “play a song!” You could tell he didn’t want to play a song but after a chant of “play it play it”, he did. I loved everything about what I just heard but had no idea who this dude was. The song was fast and had a lot of energy. He finished, people clapped and he was on his way. I asked who that dude was, and my roommate Jessica told me it was Travis Millard. 

About six months ago I was driving home from band practice and one of Travis’ songs suddenly popped in my head. I emailed Travis out of the blue and asked if he had a copy of it laying around anywhere. He not only sent me one song but just about everything else he recorded in Lawrence from 1997-1998. These were recordings I never heard and instantly fell in love with them. There is so much honesty, sincerity and fun in the recordings, it not only brought me back to that time on the porch where I first found out about Travis Millard but a time in Lawrence where to me everything was fresh and new. Travis is now most known for his art, but before I knew he could even draw he was a musician who I looked up to and learned from growing up in the Lawrence music scene.

- Josh Berwanger 

September, 2013


We’re super excited about our first release from Travis Millard, Occumm Pucky, vol. 1. This is the first in a series of 4 archival releases with Travis, featuring songs that he wrote in the late 1990s. Today most people know Travis for his artwork, but before he dedicated his life to art, he was also an aspiring musician. This volume of work will provide insight in to the early years of one of today’s most unique artists.

Each of the four volumes will feature an extremely limited edition run of 300 7” vinyl records, housed in an intricate 16-page zine of artwork hand-illustrated and numbered by Travis. 20 randomly selected buyers will also receive an original drawing from Travis. These are sure to sell out quickly. 

Pre-orders are now available here.